Liz has the natural touch of a healer. I've worked with body workers and healers of all sorts for 50 years and know that it's what is inside the healer that counts. Liz has the skills, but more importantly, she embodies the art of healing.

- Craig N., Minneapolis


I've worked with and known Liz for over five years now, and have had the pleasure of watching her finding her "true calling" in energy healing practice. She approaches her practice with a compassion for people that creates a calming, healing space. Her work on me had the effect of grounding me fully in the present, and I had the experience of niggly aches and pains just melting away. Through her training and practice, she has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of how energy healing works, and more importantly, how to apply it to each individual person. Liz has a gift for connecting with people, and then guiding them on a healing journey. If you are looking for some peace of mind or healing whatever is going on with your body, I highly recommend visiting with Liz to create a healing partnership!

- Dave A.,  Chanhassen


I went to see Liz because I was experiencing tension, blockage and overall stress due to personal issues.  She performed both Reiki and Healing Touch interventions on me.  After I left I felt very relaxed and felt a weight was lifted.

- Michele K.


Liz brings the perfect combination of professional expertise and personal connection to her healing practice. I always feel cared for and leave with greater wholeness and peacefulness, both crucial to healing.

- Patricia N., Minneapolis


Delightful surprises!  I have been seeing Liz Flavin for regular Reiki sessions for several months now and am very pleased with her services.  Immediately during our sessions, I can feel the energy flowing through me.  I have had some delightful surprise with certain body pains being released after having a session with Liz.  Another delightful surprise is that she emails me specific resources that pertain to what may help me deeper with whatever comes up during our session.

- Elda D.


After about 30 minutes on the table with Liz moving quietly and intentionally around me, I suddenly felt an infusion of energy rush through my body from head to toe, unlike anything I've experienced. I visited Liz because I'd been feeling blah and my mind was fuzzy. After the session, I felt bright and present, and was smiling and so was Liz.

- Renee M., St. Paul





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